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R Solutions

ERP implementation

The definition of a “BOND” in Chemistry reads :“That which holds together atoms in molecules and ions in lattices.”

The equivalent of such a Bond in Business and Industry is “Enterprise Resource Planning”, popularly also known as ERP.

ERP has turned out to be a very fancy catch phrase with many major and minor players in the market.  ERP implementation could turn out to be a costly affair if not handled properly and as such, it needs a highly skilled and experienced professional organization to guide, suggest, implement, operate and maintain a proper set of solutions for any enterprise.

R Solutions has partnered with SAP, which is the world’s leader in ERP software solutions. 

What R Solutions does :

  • Study client requirement and ground situations and prepare a proposed action report
  • Implement the ideal combination of software and hardware to streamline processes within the organization to maximize efficiency and profitability.
  • Maintain the said system and provide guidance to dynamic fluctuations in the enterprise’s future business environment.
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