R Solutions

R.Solutions is a unique company with an unbeatable inherent ability to focus on a task and ensure that it progresses smoothly through the twisting tunnels of initial effort towards the light of success and fruition. R.Solutions has proved this in many major and minor projects taken on hand till date.

The dedicated team which supports the ideology of R.Solutions leaves nothing to chance, with its studied deliberations on all angles of the multitude of situations which get flung at it during the normal course of business interactions and transactions. This team consists of experts from the fields of consultancy, finance, construction, agriculture, public sector, local self govt. and hospitality.

  • RSPL & Samsung India Electronics
    collaborates for technical, sales and
    marketing of mobility solutions in
    Asia Pacific region.
  • RSPL & Anantco India join hands to introduce,
    market and sell best in world fire retardant
    coatings FLAMBLOC-GS from Buckman
    Laboratories Inc of USA.
  • RSPL & Arteria Technologies have joined
    hands to promote its SAP Certified
    Products & Services

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